• Sugar Coated Vegan Wax - Sugar Coated Full Hair Removal Kit, Sugar Coated Bikini Hair Removal Kit, Sugar Coated Leg Hair Removal Kit
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What is Sugar Coated?

Sugar Coated is the future of hair removal and the ethical alternative to waxing. Sugar Coated provides an ultra-effective hair removal treatment that is gentle on your skin and the environment. Our vegan sugar wax is a 100% natural and made from just sugar and water. It is completely water soluble and biodegradable (no more messy spills ruining carpets and clothes) and is eco-friendly with our washable and reusable strips. Unlike all other waxes and sugar waxes it is registered as vegan with The Vegan Society and approved as cruelty-free under the Leaping Bunny programme, and all our products are manufactured in the UK. Say bye to those super sticky waxes, burning creams and painful epilators and treat your skin to Sugar Coated Vegan Sugar Wax.   




Love It!

"Love it! It’s all natural, smells like sugar, and why oh why have I suffered with painful waxing for 18 years! This is so much less painful!"


Fantastic, easy to use and hardly any pain

- its soft wax and natural - bonus. It only takes 40 seconds to heat in the microwave where as hard wax takes 6 minutes to heat, its easy to spread and the wax strips are easy to apply. What I love about this product is there is hardly any pain when removing the hair even when doing a hollywood style wax. 

Alex Anderson

Great Product & Vegan Too!

"Absolutely swear by this product. Since going vegan it’s the only product I’m happy with to “wax” my legs. It hurts far less than waxing too!"

Emily Ro

Great product!

Much less painful than normal waxing, easier to clean residue off and it smells amazing!

Victoria Coleman