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  • World Bee Day: How We Celebrate Bees

    We are celebrating World Bee Day. Today is the day to acknowledge all the amazing things bees do for our economy and our ecosystem.
  • Salon Waxing vs Waxing At Home

    Making the decision to wax at home or go to a salon is a tricky one for some. It is a decision usually based on price and convenience. But what if you didn't have to compromise on either?
  • Working With My Mum - Mother's Day Appreciation

    For the last 8 years, I have been working with my mum Rosie where she has taught me all the ins and outs of hair removal and in particular sugar waxing. I wanted to share a Mother's Day blog of how appreciative I am to work with and learn from form Rosie.
  • 3 Other Uses of Sugar Wax You Didn’t Know About

    Sugar wax is a special thing and can be more than just the best hair remover. Here are 3 different uses for sugar wax you didn't know about.
  • Sugar Wax vs Shaving

    Shaving is one of the most popular methods of hair removal used across the UK. But how does it compare to Sugar wax? 
  • Sugar Waxing vs Depilatory Creams

    Sugar Coated Sugar Wax vs Hair Removal Creams

    Who comes out best. We'll be honest we think it is pretty one-sided. 

  • 3 Ways to Spot an Ethical and Eco-Friendly Hair Removal Product!

    Three simple things to check for when you're on the lookout for eco-friendly and ethical hair removal products. These can also be used for any other beauty products that take your fancy too!