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  • Keep Calm and Cool Down with Rosie's Cooling Facial Mist

    Hot bothered during the heatwave? Keep cool with Rosie's fresh, easy to make facial mist. The perfect aid at your desk or in the bedroom before going to sleep.
  • World Bee Day: How We Celebrate Bees

    We are celebrating World Bee Day. Today is the day to acknowledge all the amazing things bees do for our economy and our ecosystem.
  • Salon Waxing vs Waxing At Home

    Making the decision to wax at home or go to a salon is a tricky one for some. It is a decision usually based on price and convenience. But what if you didn't have to compromise on either?
  • Working With My Mum - Mother's Day Appreciation

    For the last 8 years, I have been working with my mum Rosie where she has taught me all the ins and outs of hair removal and in particular sugar waxing. I wanted to share a Mother's Day blog of how appreciative I am to work with and learn from form Rosie.
  • 3 Other Uses of Sugar Wax You Didn’t Know About

    Sugar wax is a special thing and can be more than just the best hair remover. Here are 3 different uses for sugar wax you didn't know about.
  • Sugar Wax vs Shaving

    Shaving is one of the most popular methods of hair removal used across the UK. But how does it compare to Sugar wax? 
  • Sugar Waxing vs Depilatory Creams

    Sugar Coated Sugar Wax vs Hair Removal Creams

    Who comes out best. We'll be honest we think it is pretty one-sided. 

  • 3 Ways to Spot an Ethical and Eco-Friendly Hair Removal Product!

    Three simple things to check for when you're on the lookout for eco-friendly and ethical hair removal products. These can also be used for any other beauty products that take your fancy too!