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Sugar Waxing vs Depilatory Creams

Which Would You Choose?

In the ongoing debate about the best way to remove unwanted hair from our bodies, we still believe sugaring has the edge. Particularly with our Sugar Coated product.

This week we’re looking at sugaring vs depilatory creams.

Whilst depilatory creams have the advantage over shaving in that you get a longer-lasting finish, there are other considerations.

Sugar Coated Sugar Wax Hair Removal Creams
Lasting Finish Yes. Sugar waxing removes the hair from the root. This leaves the skin smooth with 4-6 week regrowth period. Yes, to an extent – these creams remove all hair above the skin but not down to the root.
Natural Ingredients Yes. 100% natural ingredients. Made from a pure blend of sugar syrups. To dissolve hair effectively takes quite a cocktail of chemicals – in many products over 25 ingredients. Just imagine what that does to your skin!
Mess Because Sugar Coated is 100% natural, any residue or spills can simply be washed away with warm water without causing any damage. Easy to clean up in the shower after use, but spills can cause damage and stain your belongings.
Smell We mostly hear caramel. Whatever you think it smells like it will be natural sugary goodness. Have you ever tried them? The smell can be overpowering! Or it is masked with artificial flowery scents. 
Cost Available from under £10 £5-£10
Pain Less painful than waxing as the sugaring sticks to hair, not to the skin. Hurts as much as taking off a plaster No pain involved, unless you leave it on too long then it will burn your skin. That's potentially quite a lot of pain. 
Environmental Impact

Very low. Two entirely natural ingredients and the product is manufactured in the UK.

All our packaging is recyclable, our products are instantly biodegradable, we have led the market with the introduction of reusable waxing strips and we help support the bee population (through our sugar syrup donations) which are vital for our ecosystem and economy.

Is chemical manufacturing ever eco-friendly? And what is the impact of all those chemicals washed into our water systems?

Manufacturers of hair removal creams talk in terms of reducing the impact rather how little they impact.

Ethical Sugar Coated is registered as vegan by The Vegan Society and approved as cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny Programme. It is also certified as cruelty-free and vegan by PETA. No claims made


So, where do you stand now on the Sugar Waxing vs Hair Removal Creams debate? If you’ve read enough to give sugar wax a try! 

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